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My choir just love this song and so do I! Can hardly stop from shedding a tear at my enthusiastic singers.
Jan, New Zealand - 'I Am The Earth'
The children loved the combination of your rap song style. Thank you from a grateful music teacher.
Lynne Stewart, Canada - 'Everyone Belongs'
…extremely accessible for kids and in a range that complements their voices. The children love it!
Jim Frisque, elementary music teacher - USA

New songs for children's choir, chorus and classroom. Ages 5-13 years.

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We're a small team of experienced writers with a passion for creating meaningful songs for children.
Songs that are age-appropriate, well-crafted and fun to sing.
We aim to provide teachers with the best possible resources.
Glyn Lehmann - songwriter

Glyn Lehmann
Songwriter, B.A. (Music)

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Free song - 'Seasons Go Round'
a 3-part round.

Three Christmas Songs
Get ready for your Christmas performances with these three specially composed songs.
Normally $7 each - get all three now for only $15*
Includes complete versions of:


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All Ages, Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, Most Popular, environment, peace, 2-part
Earth - Your In Our Hands
most popular
A dialogue between the Earth and the world's children.
A good introduction to 2-part singing and environmental awareness.more
Also available as a Songbook and CD.
All Ages, Ages 8-12, friendship, 2-part, 3-part, unison, graduation, Most Popular
Gonna Shine Our Light song
Celebrate school graduation in song! A rousing, yet reflective song for junior and senior graduations. .…more
All Ages, Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, friendship, cultural diversity, Harmony Day, peace, 2-part, culture, Most Popular
Children holding hands
An uplifting song celebrating our differences. In a hip hop style with a rap section and a catchy chorus with handclaps. .…more
Ages 5-8, anti-bullying, friendship, cultural diversity, peace, Harmony Day, unison
Circles - hands in a circle
The circle is a place where everyone belongs and is accepted. A fun song with a powerful message. ...more
All Ages, Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, Christmas, peace, 2-part, unison
Christmas Wish - a song for children to sing
A Christmas song for all ages - in 2 parts or unison. A wish for all children to live with joy and light. more
All Ages, Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, Christmas, peace, unison
The Gift - Song
The birth of a child - a sign of hope. A Christmas song for all ages. more
All Ages, Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, Christmas, unison
Language Is The Key - Song
A bright Christmas song for younger children. How did that little baby make that star shine so brightly? more
Ages 5-8, animals, environment, unison, 2-part
Nocturnal Animals Song
Two fun songs for younger children about animals. 'Night Song' and 'Where Is Home?' Learn about nocturnal animals and the importance of a safe habitat. ...more
All Ages, Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, environment, 3-part, rounds, space, environment, Most Popular
Round and Round - round for children
TWO 3-part rounds about things that go round - seasons and planets.
A great way to remember the names of the planets, the order of the seasons and learn round singing. more
Ages 8-12, music history, dance, 2-part, culture, Most Popular
Dance Crazy! - Dance Steps
Dance Crazy!(5 songs & a rap)
Tells the story of popular dance & music styles from The Charleston to breakdance - from jazz to hip hop. more
Ages 8-12, heroes, 2-part, anti-bullying
Heroes - Songs
Heroes(3 songs)
Explores ideas about heroes. From 'ordinary people doing extraordinary things' to Gandhi, Martin Luther King & Aung San Suu Kyi. more
All Ages, Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, space, environment, 2-part
Ride Of Our Lives Through Space
Our journey through space on planet Earth and the amazing sights as we look to the sky. For 2-parts. ...more
All Ages, Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, water, language, 2-part, environment
Rainbows and Canyons - The Water Song
The Water Song - the amazing power, beauty and importance of water. Learn to say 'water' in 13 languages! more
Ages 8-12, Harmony Day, friendship, 2-part, cultural diversity, feelings
Harmony Day song
A song that asks us to put ourselves in the shoes of others. What would it feel like? more
Ages 8-12, Harmony Day, cultural diversity, 2-part, culture
Towards The Rising Sun - song
The story of a young refugee and her family's search for a better life.
Use to celebrate Harmony Day and Cultural Diversity Day. more
All Ages, Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, Harmony Day, friendship, unison
Tell Me Your Story
Strangers become friends by sharing their stories. Encourages acceptance and understanding of others. Ideal for Harmony Day.more
Ages 5-8, fun, environment, 2-part, unison
The Polliwog Song - Tadpole
There's a strange creature down at the waterhole. What is a polliwog? And why does it keep changing?
A fun song for the younger children.more
All Ages, Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, culture, language, 2-part, 3-part, Harmony Day
Language Is The Key - Song
Celebrates the importance of language in maintaining culture and identity.more
Ages 5-8, feelings, 2-part, unison
What Im Feeling
2 versions included: simple 2-part and unison
Helps children think about their feelings. Try writing your own verses! more
All Ages, Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, language, unison
The Apostrophe Song
By COOL RULES…for schools
Yes, learning about apostrophes can be fun. Includes worksheets and an apostrophe usage guide.more
Ages 8-12, music history, 2-part
A Boy Called Wolfie
A contemporary mini-opera about the young Mozart. Told by his father Leopold and sister, Nannerl. more
Ages 8-12, Australia, 2-part, Anzac Day

Australian Focus

The Green Hills Of Albany
Australian Song
Australian focus
A tribute to the Anzacs who sailed from Australia in 1914 to their unknown fate in Gallipoli. more
Ages 8-12, Australia, 2-part
Australian Song
Australian focus
A tribute to the 'genius' engineer C.Y. O'Connor who helped opened up the goldfields of Western Australia in 1896. more
Ages 8-12, sport, Australia, 2-part, fun
Have A Go
Australian Song
Australian focus
A fun story about friends who love sport and just 'having a go'. more
Ages 8-12, sport, Australia, 2-part, fun
A fun song about sport.
Australian Song
Australian focus
A pizza with no cheese!? That's what life would be like without sport. A fun, rockin' song about just how great sport is to play. more
Ages 8-12, Australia, 2-part
All Swans Are White - Song
Australian Song
Australian focus
The voyage of Dutch explorer Vlamingh to Australia in 1696 and the discovery of the 'impossible bird', the black swan. more